About us

MarkaLane is a Swiss Marketplace for the Swiss lifestyle brands. MarkaLane exist due to a gap in the global market which are the high exhibition costs of the Swiss brands collection abroad, the language barrier and the fear of brand fraud. The team behind MarkaLane are a group of young entrepreneurs by heart with different skills, talents and experiences, who came over all borders and met together in Switzerland to fulfil the international market needs and demand of all Swiss lifestyle brands collection. "MarkaLane", which means "Street of Brands", is a trendsetting marketplace that brings unparalleled selection of the best quality Swiss lifestyle original brands to the international digital market.

MarkaLane bringing the Swiss brands locally and the customers abroad closer together and create a link between them by using state-of-the-art technology and employing specific cultural expertise regarding the customer needs and demands.

We believe by using a unique Haptic web-platform that is mobile friendly, supported by a customized Chat-bot and Augmented Reality techniques, MarkaLane creates a special customer experience and reinforce the concept of online shopping by see, touch and feel your product before buying it online.*

MarkaLane marketplace provides merchants an easy access to place their brands at any time anywhere after having a proofed account for their business. Also it provides customers an easy access to desired brand at any time anywhere. In addition to, customers can easily choose between several original Swiss lifestyle brands in the same place at the same time.

By joining MarkaLane you join a community of the Swiss lifestyle brands producers in Switzerland “ merchants of all sizes “, and an abroad customers who are in love with the Swiss brands, Swiss Shopping malls, Customized Swiss brands and the Swiss second hand original brands ** in one place.

Our business model and pricing is designed so that our Marketplaces business is successful when our merchants are successful. The majority of our Marketplaces revenue comes from a fee based on a percentage of the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV), of transactions closed on our Marketplaces trading platforms.

If you appreciate our value proposition, head on down to our marketplace to see what we have to offer! To stay tuned, sign up for our email list for more exciting product and articles in the coming months. We are grateful for your support and looking forward to respond to any feedback, suggestions or even questions you may have about our services.

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  • * Markalane is a unique Swiss Haptic web-platform digitizing the shopper's sense of touch by using Haptography technology in its final stage
  • ** The Swiss brands, Swiss Shopping malls, Customized Swiss brands and the Swiss second hand original brands are separated and available in different sectors to protect each field image in the market.